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22 Things You Missed In "Romy And Michele's High School Reunion"

Fashion is just, like, everything.

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3. Romy and Michele both have gel face masks hanging above their beds.

Buena Vista Pictures / Netflix

Also note how they're wearing different colors, but each has an element near them in the other girl's color. This happens frequently throughout the film.

5. There's an old pizza box left open in Romy and Michele's apartment.

Buena Vista Pictures / Netflix

Also, this shot tells us that Romy and Michele don't live in a studio. There's a living room, which could have been occupied by one of the girls; they clearly share the bedroom by choice, not because of space.

9. Romy and Michele might have been able to get away with doing their yearbook picture together because their last names are alphabetically close to each other.

Buena Vista Pictures / Netflix

Really, they were just saving space on the W page by squeezing Weinberger and White into one space.

10. Here's a hint that Lisa Luder is different from the rest of the girls in the A-group: Her prom dress isn't in a bright color like the rest of them.

12. And in the car, there is randomly a Krups coffee maker in the backseat ... which promptly disappears once they're both in the car.

13. That ad for Red Apple cigarettes is a fake brand created by Quentin Tarantino.

Buena Vista Pictures / Netflix

Red Apple cigarettes appear in a bunch of Tarantino films (Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, to name a few). Tarantino and Mira Sorvino were dating during filming, which could be one reason why the brand shows up.

17. We also see balloons in the shape of carrots and bananas, just like the magnets Christie Masters placed on her back brace in high school.

Buena Vista Pictures / Netflix

There are also cactus balloons, which look a lot like the ice sculptures at Romy and Michele's prom.

18. There are also what appear to be cutouts of celebrities randomly placed against the walls.

Buena Vista Pictures / Netflix

Figments of her dream ... or way to fill in the space without hiring more extras?

19. Even in Michele's dream sequence, Lisa maintains a subtle difference. Look how the other A-group girls match their drinks to their outfits.

Buena Vista Pictures / Netflix

Lisa's actually appears to be normal colored, like a pina colada.

20. Here's what looks like a bit of an oversight at the end of Michele's dream — you see a plaque reading "Saint Audrey's Home for the [Something]" outside her and Sandy's mansion.

22. Romy and Michele's boutique is located on Rodeo Drive — Michele's dream!

Buena Vista Pictures / Netflix

That truly is Rodeo Drive, which means the movie comes full circle. Remember how the girls watch the shopping scene in Pretty Woman at the beginning of the film? <3

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