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    12 Things To Remember About The Golden Era Of The Members Only Jacket

    When you put it on...something happened. In the '80s.

    1. This was the cool club you were buying into when you wore your Members Only jacket. And the Gatlin Brothers were your fellow club members.

    2. Their sexy slogan was, "When you put it on, something happens."

    3. When styled as formal wear, you could wear a Members Only jacket to any black tie event.

    4. In 1988, Members Only made this puzzling PSA about drug babies.

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    5. And then there was this even weirder PSA featuring Hitler, asserting, "There's no excuse not to vote."

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    6. The best looking guys in America wore Members Only jackets.

    7. Like David Hasselhoff.

    8. And Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf.

    9. This is how awesome it felt to wear a Members Only jacket with a mullet and aviators.

    10. The fashoins were family-friendly, too!

    11. In fact, kids looked pretty damn sharp in them.

    12. The children (in Members Only jackets) are indeed our future — "changing the way America looks."

    And while you can still get Members Only jackets at Urban Outfitters...nothing will ever be the same as how they were in the '80s.