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21 Things To Do When You're Feeling Blue

Turn the blues into gold.

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1. Watch a Disney movie.

Revisit a classic from your childhood. If it doesn't make you feel warm and fuzzy, then it'll make you laugh at how different it feels to watch as an adult.

2. Post a #tbt, even if it isn't Thursday.

Post a pic that recalls a special memory with someone. A quick reminisce can always lighten your mood. (And when lots of people like your stuff, that also feels kinda nice.)

3. Eat well.

Not getting enough healthy fats or calories in general can mess up your body's balance. If you hit a slump around the same time every day, see if having a healthy snack might pep you right up.

4. Reread a book you remember loving as a kid.

What was that one book that allowed you to disappear?


7. Track your mood.

Sometimes it's helpful to see whether you feel down at specific times of the day, month, or year. If you can understand what triggers make you feel down, you can better work to avoid or combat them. Apps like MoodPanda can help you do just that!


11. Take a walk.

Something as simple as a change of scenery can bring you out of a funk. Get some vitamin D, smell some flowers, and bring an animal friend with you if you wanna.

12. Buy some cheap flowers.

Sometimes, treating yourself to a tiny luxury can lift a weight off your shoulders.


13. Rest up.

Make sure you're getting enough sleep to function properly! Nap buddies are highly encouraged.

15. Update your calendar so you can see all the things you're looking forward to.

And if you don't have anything too special coming up, plan something. An outing with a friend? A treat yo self day? A cheap day trip?


17. Rearrange a room.

Here's a free way to refresh your physical and mental space. Not to mention the endorphins you'll benefit from after all the heavy lifting.

18. Tell someone you miss them.

Do it in a quirky, creative way. Maybe send them a string of emojis they need to decode. A goofy knock-knock joke? A sad but funny GIF? It's always good to do something for others, even when you're down.

19. Make your workspace a happy place.

If you're feeling down because a lack of creativity, make your workspace your happy place you want to be in. Flowers are a bonus!

Now get to it! Here's some inspiration to start your HAPPY HAPPY DAY!

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