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    21 Things To Do When You're Feeling Blue

    Turn the blues into gold.

    1. Watch a Disney movie.

    2. Post a #tbt, even if it isn't Thursday.

    3. Eat well.

    4. Reread a book you remember loving as a kid.

    5. Smell something good.

    Engage your senses with your favorite smells, like the scent of freshly baked cookies. (Bonus: You also get to eat them.)

    6. Look at beautiful colors.

    This Tumblr is dedicated to posting images of color gradients. Yup, that's all! So simple and yet so soothing to look at.

    7. Track your mood.

    Sometimes it's helpful to see whether you feel down at specific times of the day, month, or year. If you can understand what triggers make you feel down, you can better work to avoid or combat them. Apps like MoodPanda can help you do just that!

    8. Make art.

    ABC Family

    Turn your sadness into creative fuel. Write down your feelings. Paint your emotions. Create a comic book with YOU as the hero, conquering the blues.

    9. Go to a movie alone.

    Miramax /

    Another great way to escape. Indulge yourself even more with a double feature.

    10. Look up Instagram pics of your favorite place on earth.

    It's so easy — just use Gramfeed to search by tag.

    11. Take a walk.

    12. Buy some cheap flowers.

    13. Rest up.

    14. Get (and give) a virtual hug.

    Sometimes it's nice to know that there are people out there just being nice for no reason. "The Nicest Place on the Internet" is a fun site solely dedicated to sharing hugs and support online.

    15. Update your calendar so you can see all the things you're looking forward to.

    16. Focus on tiny details.

    Every once in a while, make sure to stop and check out the little things that make life beautiful and awe-inspiring, like the way dew sparkles like diamonds on a spider's web or the exact time of day that the sky turns golden.

    17. Rearrange a room.

    18. Tell someone you miss them.

    19. Make your workspace a happy place.

    20. Make a happy playlist.

    Create a happy, inspiring playlist when you're in a great mood and save it for times when you need an extra lift.

    21. Dance it out.


    Get your body moving and let those helpful little endorphins do some work for you.

    Now get to it! Here's some inspiration to start your HAPPY HAPPY DAY!

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