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19 Things That Happened In 2013 That You've Already Forgotten

Oh yeah...

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3. In July, CERN scientists confirmed the existence of the Higgs Boson. If you still have no idea what that means, watch this.

6. Jimmy Kimmel tried to fool everyone with this girl twerking video.

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10. The USPS announced they would end Saturday deliveries in an attempt to cut costs. But then they delayed that plan, so for now, Saturday delivery is all good.

13. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones separated :(

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But recent gossip says Michael comes over to Catherine's to make pancakes, so maybe they're working some stuff out?

18. Justin Bieber peed in a bucket and said some very not nice things about Bill Clinton.

19. Justin Bieber also briefly had a pet monkey. Until he tried to bring the monkey to Germany and customs took said monkey.

2013: It was a big year in monkeys.

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