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21 Things That Happen When Your S.O. Goes Out Of Town

House to myself! Oh wait I forgot this BLOWS CHUNKS.

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Here's what happens when you live together and your significant other goes out of town...

1. You're sad they're leaving, but you are also kind of looking forward to having the house to yourself.

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I mean. Not really looking forward to it, but it's just what you tell yourself.

8. You start sending your boyfriend/girlfriend completely non-essential texts all day long.

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"Hi honey just sent you an email text me when you get it. We are out of paper towels brb going to get some."

15. You find yourself constantly checking in on your S.O.'s social media activity and nothing seems right ... even though that's all completely in your head.

16. You think maybe the cat is starting to have psychological issues because she thinks she's now living in a single-parent household.

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