22 Things That Happen When You Date Someone Much Older

No, I have not heard of [insert obscure ’80s band here].

1. Your S.O. rolls his/her eyes when you have birthday anxiety.

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Which kind of actually makes you realize how silly you’re being.

2. When your S.O. talks about music from the past, you often have no idea who these artists are.

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Kajagoogoo? Is that some type of animal?

3. On the upside, you find yourself feeling so much cooler because your knowledge of obscure ’80s music has expanded quite a bit.

Oh, so this is Kajagoogoo.

4. And while you both might agree on Queen’s awesomeness, your S.O. will assert a more fervent love because he/she saw them live.

5. You’ve resigned yourself to the fact that your significant other will never understand your love of ’90s boy bands.

But they will eventually accept that it is part of you.

6. You seek advice from your S.O. super often because you really believe they’re wiser.

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7. You sometimes feel like, wow, there are a lot of movies you haven’t seen.

It’s kind of not fair because they’ve been alive longer and therefore have had more time to watch movies.

8. Although you may have both seen a movie in the year it came out, that movie probably has a different meaning for both of you.

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Clueless for you = Amazing aspirational lifestyle and inspiration for the way you dressed for the next year.

Clueless for them = A good teen comedy, a very good Jane Austen parody.

9. But re-watching those films together and sharing your perspectives can make them so much more interesting.

10. You rely on your S.O. more than Google to explain confusing things to you. Grown-up stuff like health insurance and taxes.

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11. You experience moments of total shock when you realize things like … you were 4 when your S.O. was learning how to drive.


12. But then you can’t help but laugh at the situation.

Tee hee! If we got in a time machine, we’d be total perverts!

13. If you have older siblings, your boyfriend/girlfriend probably gets along with them well.

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14. Your older boyfriend/girlfriend is shocked that you didn’t grow up with vinyl.

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What, and you didn’t grow up with Kazaa?

15. Whenever your loved one is tired or feeling run down, you joke that it’s because they’re SO OLD.

16. Your S.O. jokes about the crazy “youths” of your generation.

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17. If your age gap is physically apparent, people aren’t immediately sure of your relationship.

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But you could really give a shit.

18. You get annoyed when people don’t take your relationship seriously and assume your S.O. likes you only because you’re young.

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19. You sometimes justify your large age gap by saying you’re mental equals.

Boys take a while to grow up.

20. Your respective life milestones are marked by totally different cultural touch points.


21. Any time you have something important happen to you, they’re extra proud and understanding because they’ve been there, too.

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“I remember the first time I …”

22. But despite having so many differences, the greatest thing about your big age gap is that you’re constantly learning from each other.

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