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    24 Things That Happen When Moms Use Emojis


    1. They start off using Emojis that make sense ... and then get carried away.

    2. They begin to feel REALLY COOL.

    3. They begin to figure out how to translate corny mom-speak into Emoji.

    4. Or they begin making puns only a mom would find funny.

    5. They try to tell you stories in Emoji.

    6. Or use them to make an embarrassing mom text even more ridiculous.

    7. Their wild sides come out.

    8. They become overconfident.

    9. They get confused.

    10. Or need help comprehending things that can't really be explained.

    11. But they at least have a good use for the old lady Emoji.

    12. Some moms, on the other hand, know EXACTLY what they're doing:

    13. They become really excited about this ~new~ way to tell you "happy birthday."

    14. No, seriously, moms reaaalllly love birthday Emojis.

    15. They start becoming hip to the meaning of the eggplant Emoji.

    16. They become so excited about knowing Emojis that they literally won't leave you alone.

    17. All moms think the poop Emoji is a Hershey's Kiss at first. All moms.

    18. Just when you think your mom is the worst texter, she might surprise you with an Emoji-plosion.

    19. They'll be EXACTLY how they are in real life:

    20. They view Emojis as legit substitutes for the faces they make IRL.

    21. They make parenting a visual experience.

    22. They come up with Emoji combinations you're magically supposed to understand ...

    23. Or worse, someone tells them about the potty-mouth combos:

    24. And, of course, many moms love them.