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20 Things That Are Now 20 Years Old

It seems like just yesterday you were cradling your new Beanie Baby.

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The website for the Internet Movie Database launched in 1993. Although the early roots of the company began around 1990 via bulletin board groups, an official site launched 20 years ago. According to IMDb's history page: "In September 1993, the nascent Internet Movie Database Web site launched and was the first site on the Internet dedicated to movies."


"The Sign" - Ace of Base


12. Zoloft

Although research and testing on this antidepressant had been in the works since the '70s, it wasn't until 1991 that Pfizer got FDA approval for the drug. Pfizer took Zoloft to market in 1992, making this popular happy pill just slightly older than 20.


16. The "Got Milk?" ad campaign

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Here's the original "Got Milk" commercial, the slogan for which was eventually brought to print ads a few years lager.