5 Things Stacey Dash Revealed During A “Clueless” Drinking Game

Including something slightly controversial about Dionne’s braids.

Stacey Dash — aka Dionne from Clueless — sat down with some YouTube youths to re-watch Clueless and play a movie drinking game. Here are some great things she says:

1. Stacey never watches this movie :(

2. Stacey’s behind has decreased in size since the ’90s:

3. Dionne’s braids were apparently meant to make her look more black?

4. Stacey has <3 for Brittany Murphy.

5. The scene where Dionne tries to put makeup on Cher before her date with Christian took forever:

Check out the entire watching party/drinking game here. Stacey Dash shows up at the 2:50 mark.

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