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    23 Things People Do In The Fall According To Stock Photography

    Just a grown woman frolicking in a pile of leaves. Nothing to see here, folks.

    1. Hang out in wheelbarrows.

    2. Harvest squash in Speedos.

    3. Frolic in leaves.

    4. Frolic in the leaves with friends.

    5. Talk on cell phones.

    6. Blow dandelion fluff.

    7. Hold squash and radiate beauty.

    8. Dress up in pilgrim costumes.

    9. Hang out in lingerie with artfully arranged leaves.

    10. Sit down in the middle of sidewalk.

    11. Carry around wooden buckets full of apples.

    12. Lay down on a pile of leaves.

    13. Wear dresses made of leaves.

    14. Examine leaves closely.

    15. Paint in a field of fallen leaves.

    16. Do "yoga" in a field of fallen leaves.

    17. Take selfies.

    18. Sneak up on chipmunks.

    19. Hold bouquets of leaves.

    20. Surf the internet outdoors and put a leaf on your laptop like it's an Apple logo.

    21. Hold gourds while wearing nothing but a pashmina.

    22. Listen to music while kneeling in an autumn forest.

    23. Wear crowns of leaves.