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17 Things Only Virgos Know To Be True

Is it really so hard to find the perfect productivity app?

1. Your closet looks like this. (Or if you're currently short on closet space, you aspire to have something like this.)

Virgos are obsessed with order.

2. Meaning a trip to the The Container Store can be the highlight of your week.

Flickr: 72005145@N00

We love organizing!

3. Complete satisfaction comes from getting things done long before they're due. (Meaning you never miss a deadline and probably handed in term papers early.)

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Virgos never leave things to the last minute.

4. You always have a take on a situation.

Virgos are hyper-aware and analytical and tend to see exactly what's going on around them.

5. If people ask you what you want for the future, you know exactly what to say because you've kept a detailed five year plan for the past 10 years.

6. Doing something embarrassing can ruin you for days.

Because we live so much in our heads and tend to obsess over our own thoughts.

7. Meticulously cleaning something — like your hairbrush — is fun to you.

The ability to concentrate + desire to have things perfectly clean means Virgos can become entranced by small activities.

8. Your medicine cabinet is an apothecary of remedies for stomach issues.

9. Given the choice between a free vacation and $1,000 to put towards your credit card debt, you'll take the latter.

Virgos aren't frivolous with their money and they're always keeping tabs on it.

10. You haaaaaate being wrong.

Virgos can be stubborn in their opinions and ways.

11. Which also means that everyone knows you're a sore loser.

12. If someone really crosses you, you're done with them.

Virgos are highly self-sufficient and don't have a high tolerance for nonsense.

13. Sometimes people think your systems and methods of doing things are extreme — you think they're logical.

Again, Virgos love having things just so.

14. You're forever trying to lose 5 lbs.

Virgos are utter perfectionists which means (unfortunately) that they tend to find fault with their bodies.

15. You've gone through a million productivity/to-do/scheduling apps and have yet to find the perfect one.

Sigh. The search for perfection.

16. Yes, you have bitchy resting face. And it can drive you crazy when people assume you just don't care.

Virgos are judicious about how they express their emotions and others often interpret this as dissatisfaction, anger, or aloofness.

17. Even though Virgos can be tough to crack, once you do, they're loyal and very loving.