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22 Things All People Who Hate The Sun Know To Be True

Do they make hazmat beachwear?

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9. You are used to the stares that come with your abnormally large sun hat.

10. And you are single-handedly bringing back the visor.

11. Music festivals make you very, very nervous.

12. You've long hoped for the day when science invents a pill that will offer you continuous protection.

Wait, is this for real? This looks sketch.


15. You are constantly worrying about getting a sunburn in the car.

16. It drives you absolutely insane when people don't give you a 20 minute warning before having to leave the house/office.

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You can't just put the sunscreen on and step RIGHT INTO THE SUN. It needs to soak into the skin. Hello!


18. And actually, your personal care expenses skyrocket in the summer because you end up buying sunscreen each time you go to the drugstore.

20. In order for you to be OK with outdoor seating, an umbrella is an absolute requirement.