18 Things All Former “Girl Power” Girls Will Get

Hi Ci Ya, hold tight!


2. If you were a tomboy or into sports, then you were like, “Fuck all y’all I AM THE SPORTY SPICE.”

3. Fact: Girls rock. Also, this pouch was great for holding all those tampons you didn’t really need yet.

4. You could carry all your other gear in this:

Just a suggestion.

5. The Spice Girls gave us independence…

Peace, Ma.

6. While also bringing us all closer together.

7. If your group of friends numbered five girls then the universe was a perfect place.

Friendship never ends, right? (Until, like, 10th grade.)

8. You guys could all wear awesome necklaces like this.

9. And it was absolutely essential that someone have a camcorder.

10. Otherwise magic like this could never be recorded and preserved.

This particular magic courtesy of MØ and her cover of “Say You’ll Be There.”

11. Girl Power girls knew that boys had to prove themselves.

12. And a Girl Power girl wouldn’t ever let a man take her for granted cuz that’s what 8th grade boys do ALL THE TIME and so TALK TO THE HAND, YOU STUPID PENIS.

13. The higher the platform sneaker, the greater the woman. #truth

14. Here’s what Ginger taught you: Say what you mean, and say it loud. I AM SPICE GIRL, HEAR ME ROAR!

15. And you knew that girls’ night in was da bomb cuz GOD HELP THE MISTER WHO COMES BETWEEN ME AND MY SISTERS, know what I’m sayin’?

(Also you were too young to do anything else besides the same goddamned sleepover every Saturday.)

16. Whenever possible, you captured life’s greatest moments with this.

17. Now that you’re older, you’re still down with showing off your Girl Power…in perhaps more subtle, muted tones.

18. Above all, this credo sums up everything a Girl Power girl is all about.

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