19 Things ’90s Girls Used To Wear In The Summer

Time to break out the jellies and board shorts.

1. Platform Flip-Flops

The standard June-August footwear. Bonus points if they were rainbow.

2. Jelly High Heels

“Formal” summer footwear.

3. Floral Denim Skirts

Because Kelly Kapowski.

4. Denim Short-Alls

Because The Gap.

5. Board Shorts

Nevermind that none of us knew how to surf …

6. Spaghetti Strap Tank Tops

Otherwise known as the article of clothing that incited the Great 1998 Crusade Against Visible Bra Straps.

7. Tie-Back Halter Tops

Always a risk.

8. Patterned Denim Shorts

How very Blossom Russo of you.

9. Cat Eye Sunglasses

A sort of ’50s revival thing.

10. Flouncy Floral Dresses

Once elusive, these styles have been reborn, thriving in their native Coachella habitats.

11. Boy Short Bathing Suits

Boy oh boy.

12. Gingham Prints In Kool-Aid Colors

The brighter, the better.

13. Daisy Prints

Technically, a year-round obsession, but really in full bloom during the summer months.

14. Neon Bathing Suits

This is so ugly I literally cannot deal.

15. Sporty Spice Dresses

Mr. Hilfiger, I presume?

16. Round Sunglasses

Because in the ’90s, we were obsessed with the ’70s.

17. Hawaiian Prints

Ooooh hibiscus.

18. Bamboo Thatched Flip-Flops

Remember these?

19. Handkerchief Tank Tops

Damn, girl. You are gonna look GOOD when you wear this and do the Macarena.

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