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These Two Persian Cats Are The Weirdest Of Friends

Writer Kelly Oxford's two Persians are winning at life.

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This is Kelly Oxford. She's the author of Everything Is Perfect When You're A Liar, which is wonderful and hilarious and you should read it.

She lives in L.A. with her husband, three children, and ....

Her two Persian cats, Gertie and Gus. They are the stars of her Instagram feed.

Kelly tells BuzzFeed that they were adopted last Christmas: "I found them on PetFinder at a rescue called Helping Persian Cats. They were six months old and could only be adopted as a pair."

I bet her kids were like, "Holy shit Santa is the bomb."

"​Gus is very animal instinctual. We don't think he thinks, he just reacts to things."

"Gertie is like a person and totally understands what is going on. She poses for photos and wants to meet visitors ... She's really into food, [Gus] doesn't really eat. Sometimes we call her Fat Amy.​"

The caption from Kelly's Instagram reads: "Gertie is obsessed with the dishwasher. She waits for it to drain like it's her fucking job. Also? This could be the set for Larry King Live."

They can be quite frisky. Kelly's caption on this video reads: "THE DISEMBOWELER"

But they're also ridiculously sweet. Gus and Kelly's youngest daughter, Bea, are good friends.

"He's purring and won't leave her side because he is mentally unwell."

The cute explosion here is insane.


Kelly says, "She's 'snuggling' him as she plays some spelling game.​"

Literally cannot handle the cute. Someone send help.

Just look at this little face! How is it so little! And so cute?!

Here are Gertie and Gus begging for food. Note how Gus isn't even meowing, but just eating the air.

Kelly's caption on this Instagram of Gus: "Draw me like one of your French girls." LOL.

Kelly tells us that her two cats are "obsessed" with each other: "If one is play hunting the other watches. They don't fight over things."

"They both cry for each other if it's been a while and they don't know where the other is. Gertie totally ignores his cries, but when she cries he always runs to her. I guess that means she's the boss?"

Could you imagine waking up to this cuteness everyday?

I could. BRB asking Santa for Persian cats for Christmas.