These People Think Deodorant Is Hilaaaaarrrrious

This 1970s deodorant brand made women pee themselves laughing.

Tickle brand deodorant came out in the ’70s and claimed in its commercials to be the first deodorant with a “big, wide ball.” But that’s not the funny part. The funny part is how this deodorant apparently possesses women with uncontrollable laughter.

2. Watch this…it rolls! HAHAHAHHA! And rolls again. HAHAHHAHA!

3. This woman tried to keep a straight face, but she just couldn’t. This deodorant is just. so. funny.

4. This woman isn’t even looking at a stick of Tickle and she’s still pissing herself.

5. And this woman finally understood the joke. STAHP, TICKLE. Just staahhhp.

6. Here’s a full 1977 commercial featuring laughing women.

7. This one also has laughing women. OK. This is getting weird.

8. But these laughing women are downright terrifying.

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