The 26 Ugliest '90s Backpacks To Ever Meet Your Eyes

    And by "ugly," I really mean amazing.

    1. It's a pastel paradise!

    2. Smiley faces were such a thing in 1993.

    3. Yup.

    4. Remember when we all wore stuffed animals on our backs and thought it was the coolest thing ever?

    5. FYI, this is where you keep your GIRL STUFF.

    6. A white Guess mini-backpack is basically the epitome of the '90s.

    7. Obviously.

    8. Ugh. I can't. I just can't.

    9. What time does the rave start?

    10. No, seriously. What time does the rave start.

    11. Haha aliens.

    12. You definitely didn't skin a Collie to make this.

    13. You should totally match your eyeshadow to this.

    14. That's Snicksy.

    15. Dude. Doooode. This is the Medusa of backpacks.

    16. Oh, Lisa Frank. Lisa Frankkk.

    17. Backstreet's back...pack. ALRIGHT.

    18. Cool.

    19. You can totally fit like two books in here.

    20. Hey, everyone. Just FYI: Princess in the hizzy!

    21. Just no. Nooooo.

    22. I mean. You already had your Chinese takeout box purse. Why this too?

    23. Remember B.U.M.?! And how that was funny because it was like, bum. As in butts.

    24. Pikachuuuuuuuuuuu.

    25. You could put like 60 dead Tamagotchis in here.

    26. Guys. It's a velvet Buffy one-strap backpack. Wearing this every day for the rest of my life.