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    The Sad Saga Of '90s Inflatable Furniture

    Your glitter blow-up couch was all fun and games until someone got hurt.

    In the '90s and early 2000s, you thought inflatable furniture was da bomb.

    If Britney was making inflatable furniture, it meant she probably sat in a lot of it. So you're all MOMINEEDTHISNOWWWW.

    And Hilary Duff looks good in this neon blow-up chair.

    So you're like, OK. Every time I sit down, I need to look just like this. MOMPLEASECANIHAVEONE.

    You imagine your life with inflatable furniture looking like this.

    You're automatically three years older and doing really sexy things like crossing your legs and talking to your best friend on a cordless phone.

    And oooh if you got an inflatable couch, then your room will feel more like an apartment!

    Except the awful truth was that inflatable furniture made no sense.

    It never stayed fully blown up and looked like a pile of wrinkled skin.

    It was not comfortable. This 3-seater? A disaster waiting to happen.

    Just wait until two of your asshole friends stand up, see-sawing you down to the ground.

    An inflatable "lounger"? How are you supposed to "lounge" on that?

    And then there were pointless accessories. Like tables.

    And ottomans.

    And pillows.

    Which are supposed to be cuddly. Plastic pillows filled with air are not cuddly.

    Besides being downright ugly, inflatable furniture also stuck to your thighs.

    Worst sensation ever.

    This is just stupid.

    Ugh and then they started making inflatable bags and shit.

    Here is a man in camo cargo shorts demonstrating the only way to look chill in an inflatable chair.

    Flickr: mondoagogo

    However, all he's thinking about is how to get out of it without making an ass of himself or falling over.

    And this girl is demonstrating how inflatable furniture can make you look totally creepy.

    Moral of the story? We're all better off without it.