The Only Thing That Changes About Rob Lowe Is His Beauteous Hair

What magical youth elixir is Rob Lowe on and where can we buy some?

1. The long, super-shine coiff. A fresh-faced babe.

2. Cropped ‘n casual. Teen jailbait.

3. Full and slightly mussed. Still looking like jailbait.

4. Preppy and feathered. And the picture of American youth.

5. Chestnut perfection. And looking pretty much the same as he does today.

6. Sigh. And still, like, 2-years-old.

7. Ahh! But still fresh and flawless.

8. Like a woman just ran product through those beautiful locks. And not a wrinkle in the face.

9. Seriously?

Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

10. Literally the youngest face ever.

11. Except for when he played Drew Peterson in “Drew Peterson: Untouchable.”

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