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    The Only 12 Acceptable Scenarios For These Laura Ashley '80s Outfits

    Laura Ashley did surprisingly well considering you could only wear her fashions if you were a character in a Brontë novel. (Or just really stuck in the past.)

    1. If you are a new character on Downton Abbey: The Beach Years.

    2. If you're an Ingalls girl, waiting for Pa to return safely home from the woods to your Little House on the Prairie .

    3. If you're taking a break from churning butter, gazing out at the Scottish coastline, wondering if Seamus will return from sea in time for dinner.

    4. If you are trying to ride a boat back to 1910.

    5. If you are an extra on Big Love.

    6. If you are Jane Austen and attending a picnic with your friends, the Churchills, Woodhouses, and Westons.

    7. If you are a debutante, attending Cotillion.

    8. If you are taking a walk on your family's plantation and confiding in your friend about your crush (who is currently serving with a Tennessee cavalry unit with the Confederate Army).

    9. If you are Miss Havisham...on the very first day she wore the wedding dress she then never took off.

    10. If you are looking for Heathcliff.

    11. If you are getting headshots taken that you're hoping will get the attention of Mr. DeMille and land you a role in his next picture.

    12. I don't even know.

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