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The One Thing You Never Noticed About Disney Characters

So confused.

Disney characters! We grew up with them. We love them. Some might even say we're obsessed.

But perhaps in all your time watching and analyzing, there's one physical detail about human characters you might not have picked up on.

Any idea what I'm talking about?

BAM. FINGERNAILS. Where are they?

When you think about it, sure, it seems like a detail you've always known was missing from some of your favorite characters.

Is it weird to not give human characters fingernails? Maybe. Maybe not.

Cinderella doesn't have nails. Doesn't need 'em.

Tiana? Negatory.

Maybe it's a character trait of Disney females to be fingernail-less...

...or not.

What about the male characters? This guy from Mulan has nails...

And the dad with anger management issues from The Little Mermaid has them, too.

Oh wait, but Aladdin doesn't.

It could be a villain thing? Maleficent nas some nice-ass nails.

As does this bad bitch.

And this Evil Queen's got some talons on her.


But then again, this Alice in Wonderland villain is lacking in the nail department.

Then there are some characters that have nails...

...until all of a sudden, they don't.

For the most part, Jasmine has nails...

...except sometimes not.

So I must ask...who is deciding?

Who is making the executive decision on fingernails?

Because, you know, fingernails are kind of important and useful.

Although, if you're a fairy or some shit, maybe you wouldn't need nails. That would make sense.

But the Genie gets nails?! I'm lost.

Perhaps we will never know the rhyme/reason.

We'll just have to live with the mystery. Thanks, Disney.