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    The One Thing You Never Knew About Your Makeup Packaging

    This handy icon has been hiding there all along.

    If you are a consumer of beauty products, you know how easy (and fun) it is to accumulate them.

    But you also know that all your beauty products have an expiration date, and eventually you have to get rid of them.

    The problem is you might not always know how long a certain product is good for, and maybe you've wondered if some brands expire quicker.


    You can of course, study up on expiration guidelines. But there's actually also a very easy way to find out how long your specific product is good for...

    Leonora Epstein / BuzzFeed

    On many cosmetics and beauty products, there's a teeny icon of an open pot marked with the number of usable months. Benefit's "They're Real" mascara is good for six months.

    Leonora Epstein / BuzzFeed

    Let's take a look at some other products...

    Laura Mercier Concealer: Good for 18 months.

    Leonora Epstein / BuzzFeed

    W3ll People Foundation and Concealer Stick: Good for 24 months.

    Leonora Epstein / BuzzFeed

    Marc Jacobs Liquid Liner: Good for six months.

    Leonora Epstein / BuzzFeed

    Stila Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner: Good for nine months.

    Leonora Epstein / BuzzFeed

    Davines Relaxing Fluid: Good for 12 months.

    Leonora Epstein / BuzzFeed

    Stila Eye Shadow: Good for 12 months.

    Leonora Epstein / BuzzFeed

    Time to throw this one out, I think! Eep!

    Not all beauty products have this labeling on them, but now you know to check!

    h/t to this Reddit thread!

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