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    "The Flo" May Be The Single Most Hilarious Exercise Product Of The '90s

    This is some insane New Age baloney. So yes, it is the best thing ever.

    What is The Flo, you ask? Why it's a long bag of water. A new type of exercise so great, it comes with its own original saxophone-heavy theme song.

    Wait for it...that lady in the blue leotard clearly on large doses of Xanax and chardonnay.

    It's great for all types of people! Even this guy can find inner peace with The Flo.

    Why not take a break from the World Wide Web for a graceful dance? Nice work, Kathy.

    Of course, there are more advanced Flo practitioners, like this pink-shirted gentleman. Most excellent work, Sensei.

    Oh hey! We've seen this face before. It's our friend, Enthused Overly Tanned Lady.

    Observe the look of peace on this woman's face.

    You again! You look thinner already. (But remember, beauty comes from within.)

    Of course, The Flo can also be used for fun. Here, a young man attempts to impress the ladies with his moves.

    A deranged child can also use The Flo.

    Ohhhh snap.

    OK, we get it, Balanchine.

    Great. Even your parents are using The Flo to spice up their marriage.

    Whatever. If grams can do it, The Flo must be great.

    Watch the full 1991 infomercial for The Flo (set to the original song, "My Body, My Friend") here:

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