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The First Disposable Cell Phone Was Smaller Than Your iPhone

This 1999 invention never took off, but the idea was pretty cool.

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Behold, the "world's first disposable cell phone," which was invented by Randice-Lisa Altschul after she became so fed up with her real cell phone that she almost chucked it out her car window. Although this never took off, the "Phone-Card-Phone" had some kind of cool features:

1) It was hands-free.

2) It was made from recycled paper products.

3) Its thickness was that of about three credit cards.

4) The body/touchpad was made from paper substrate.

The drawbacks (if you count them as that):

1) You only had 60 minutes of call time.

2) You could only make outgoing calls.

3) That gold watch was not included.

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