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    The 7 Most Demented "Saved By The Bell" Episodes

    Oh, '90s comedy: You are so messed up.

    1. "The Mamas and the Papas"

    In this early episode, the gang pairs off and each couple is forced to get fake married as part of some "educational" activity meant to teach the kids about the responsibility of marriage. What — you guys didn't have Sophomore Couples' Counseling? What's wrong with your school?

    When Jessie tells Mr. Belding she'll be going by "Mrs. Slater-Spano," he goes:

    Part of the course involves role-playing "difficult" marital scenarios.

    And you can see why this was a bad idea to begin with...

    2. "Screech's Woman"

    In an attempt to help Screech find love, Zack makes up a fake girl named "Bambi," and is later made to dress up as her.

    But what's weirder is the bathroom scene in that same episode...

    After Zack exits, Slater enters the bathroom in the middle of Belding's talk from the toilet.

    3. "Aloha Slater"

    Slater's father, a military man, is about to be transferred to Hawaii and Slater must decide whether to go with him or stay in Bayside. In an attempt to get Slater to leave, Zack tells the girls that Slater is dying from a rare disease that can only be improved by tropical climates. Zack convinces the girls to help their "dying" friend by making life at Bayside miserable. However, once Slater discovers Zack's plan, he turns it against him...

    This is what happens when Zack goes to visit Slater's father.

    Who also threatens him with a grenade.

    And at Slater's "going away" party, Screech is forced to be the Pineapple Princess.

    4. "The Zack Tapes"

    Zack uses subliminal advertising techniques — by mixing messages like "Zack is a terrific human being" over music — to control Bayside.

    And what's messed up is works.

    5. "Driver's Education"

    This is how they teach driver's ed in Bayside. INSIDE. With a golf cart tricked out to look like a Hot Wheels car.

    In this episode, Slater crashes the "car" into a locker, which falls on Kelly's head. This is why you should never drive inside.

    6. The caffeine pills episode, obviously.

    "I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'm so...scared!"

    This is also the episode in which Screech infiltrates the girls' locker room disguised as a cleaning woman named "Sinead O'Connor."

    7. "Breaking Up is Hard to Undo"

    This episode is actually pretty typical of Saved by the Bell love-you/oh-just-kidding-I-hate-you schemes: Jessie and Slater break up in a fight over ballet vs. football. It's actually pretty sad that this silly difference can rip apart a couple so quickly.

    And the words thrown around aren't pretty...

    In that same episode, Mr. Belding is having marital issues and decides to come hang with the guys.

    Inappropriate much?

    Of course, this episode does have a totally redeeming ending. And that is A.C. Slater, doing ballet, in a unitard.

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