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    The 29 Fashions Of The Early 2000s You Wish Never Happened

    Everything was so tight...and so pink.

    1. This "Hola Madrid" shirt from Urban.

    2. Von Dutch hats. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    3. Scarves at completely inappropriate times.

    4. This silly Abercrombie skirt.

    5. This silly Abercrombie skirt.

    6. Jeez. Abercrombie really had a corner on the skirt market back then.

    7. Tanks (especially ribbed ones from Abercrombie, or wifebeaters in girly colors) with your bra straps showing.

    8. Juicy Couture. Everywhere. All the time.

    9. C&C California tanks. And they cost so much money.

    10. Fiorucci shirts (slightly ironically, though?).

    11. Sterling hook-style bracelets.

    12. 7 for All Mankind... one of the first in luxury denim. Otherwise known as the bane of your parents' existence.

    13. Everything about this GIF from the movie Thirteen.

    14. Swarovski crystal bracelets, preferably in multiples.

    15. T-shirts where either you cut out the neck, or it came looking like you cut out the neck.

    16. Coach sneakers.

    17. Every extremely unfortunate thing happening in this photo.

    18. Girly baseball tees.

    19. Vintage-looking tees that are not in fact vintage but totally new.

    20. These long sweater jacket things. Maybe even this exact same J. Crew one.

    21. Michael Stars tees and henleys.

    22. Insane cuffs for edgier chicks.

    23. The tight polo. Hope you have a good push-up bra.

    24. Uggs. UGHGHGHHGHG.

    25. Name jewelry. (Thank you, Carrie Bradshaw.)

    26. Everything about this. (Thank you, Carrie Bradshaw.)

    27. Juicy Couture smocked dresses.

    28. This whole Madonna Hollywood cowgirl thing... including the cowboy boots. Admit it. You bought some.

    29. Tiffany charm bracelets or necklaces.