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The 21 Ways People Say "Yes" When Typing, Defined

What it means when someone texts or IMs you an affirmative answer.

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1. yes = I'm just trying to be clear. Also, I might not like you.

2. yup = I got this.

3. yep = I got this and you're my best friend and/or I've seen you naked.

4. yea = This affirmation comes with doubt or a caveat. You're probably annoying me.

5. yeah = I'm hoping you'll keep texting because I'm not sure what to say.

6. yah = I don't know.

7. YAAAAASSSS = I am so into this idea, I am as happy as a teenager high on salvia.

8. yeses = While I am perfunctory and businesslike, I try to be lighthearted in my communication.

9. yesssssss = Whatever you said didn't previously occur to me. You are a genius.

10. yesyesyesyes = Like "yesssssss" but with more urgency.

11. y = I fully realize I am being passive aggressive in my response by potentially making you think I'm saying "why?"

12. k = I'm driving/busy/in a meeting/in a situation I probably shouldn't texting you.

13. ok = I don't really give a shit.

14. okay = Like "ok," but different.

15. ok. = This conversation is over.

16. ok... = I'm not actually ok with this.

17. ok! = Got it! And I legitimately care, which is impressive in this day and age.

18. okie = I'm cute! Don't hate me!

19. OK = I'm your dad.

20. cool = I'm trying to be cool. I want to see you naked.

21. kewl = I'm trying to say yes without pissing you off.