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    The 16 Sexiest Movie Moments From Your Childhood

    All the grown-up moments that made you want to do it, ranked from most innocent to hottest.

    1. When Binx says goodbye to Thora Birch in "Hocus Pocus."

    2. When Casper becomes a human again and does this to Christina Ricci.

    3. When Mimi-Siku offers this protective embrace to Leelee Sobieski in "Jungle 2 Jungle."

    4. When Devon Sawa kisses Christina Ricci in "Now and Then."

    5. The final scene of "My Girl 2."

    6. The fish tank scene in "Romeo + Juliet."

    7. Cher and Josh's kiss in "Clueless."

    8. The confusing relationship between Sara and the Goblin King in "Labyrinth."

    9. Then, when Leo and Claire begin their passionate affair in "Romeo + Juliet."

    10. When Shakespeare undresses Gwyneth in "Shakespeare in Love."

    11. OMG Ben Affleck puts an animal cracker in Liv Tyler's underpants in "Armageddon."

    12. The portrait scene in "Titanic."

    13. Jack and Rose. In the car. With the urge.

    14. And then there was this sexy relationship in "Cruel Intentions."

    15. But when Reese and Ryan do it in "Cruel Intentions," it's even hotter.

    16. THE HAND.