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The 15 Types Of People Who Review The "Titanic" Soundtrack On Amazon

FYI, it's not just teenage girls on their period in 1997. It's you. Now.

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2. The lady or man who needs to unwind to some flutes and bagpipes after a hard day at the office.


Celine Dion, "My Heart Will Go On"

4. The person who uses the "Titanic" soundtrack to rev up before committing dark and evil crimes against humanity.

James Horner, "Rose"

5. The guy who may have actually been on the Titanic: "takes u back to 1912."


James Horner, "The Dream"

7. James Horner fans who address their reviews to him because Horner definitely reads Amazon reviews.

James Horner, "Hymn to the Sea"


James Horner, "Leaving Port"

11. The person writing an Amazon review as he/she is watching "Titanic" right now and bawling.


James Horner, "Unable to Stay, Unwilling to Leave"

James Horner, "Take Her to Sea, Mr. Murdoch"

James Horner, "The Portrait"


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