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    The 13 Most YOLO Moments Of Justin Timberlake's Career

    You go, girlfriend.

    1. The time he almost broke the bed at a slumber party. YOLO.

    2. The time he decided to honor Stevie Wonder on the same day he dressed like a pimp. 'Cause why the fuck not? He's JT. YOLO.

    3. The time he jumped for joy. YOLOOOOOOO.

    4. The time he participated in this extremely precarious and dangerous situation, risking harm to both himself and Andy Samberg. YOLO.

    5. The time he attempted to breakdance and touch his tongue to the floor simply because no one had ever done so before. Y to the O to the L-O.

    6. YOLO, motherfuckers.

    Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

    7. Basically, anyone who makes this face while in a car is having a YOLO moment.

    8. And anyone who dances on top of a car. Leave a message after the YOLO.

    Frank Micelotta / Getty Images

    9. Takin' a shower in a waterfall! YOLOLOLOLOLOLO.

    10. The time he simultaneously grabbed his junk in public and protected his junk in public. YOLO indeed.

    11. The time he laughed in the face of danger. YOL-OHYEAHHHH.

    12. The time he rode into the 2003 MTV Movie Awards on a Segway like a distinguished gentleman. YOLO, good sir.

    Robert Mora / Getty Images

    13. And the time he dated Britney. Because the very nature of YOLO means one must take a risk. And sometimes that means finding out your girlfriend is crazy.

    Lawrence Lucier / Getty Images

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