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    14 Thanksgiving Cats Ready To Party

    Felines giving thanks.

    1. "Turkey? Yes? Where?"

    2. "PIE!! PUMPKIN PIEEEE!!!"

    3. "Turkeys are friends. Turkeys are also foods."

    4. "I shall attend your festivities. But I will practice my right to not enjoy them. That said, yes, I will have more gravy."

    5. "Somebody better carve this damn turkey soon. HUMAN! COME!"

    6. "Pecan? Pie?"

    7. "Delicious. I am satisfied despite being dressed like this."

    8. "Food ... coma ... falling asleep ... "

    9. "Turkey butts were all over the catwalks this season."

    10. "Oh. You got canned cranberry sauce. It's OK. No, it's OK. Really."

    11. "Do not disturb."

    12. "Hey girl, I just thought I'd let you know that you hold the tur(key) to my heart."

    13. "Yo."

    14. "I'm not that drunk."

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