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17 Texts Anyone With A Jewish Mom Will Understand

Oy vey.

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1. Whenever she meets an unmarried stranger:

2. When she reminds you of the importance of doing good deeds:

3. When she and her purse of magic items aren't there:

4. When it's good but she has to have the last word:

5. When there is weather. Literally any weather:

6. When she worries and does not stop letting you know she is worried:

7. When if it's not about grandkids, she's not interested:

8. When she gets a Groupon for a Jewish dating site:

9. When you're not dating a Jew and really she'll be fine she just needs to kvetch a bit:

10. When she doesn't trust you to take care of yourself:

11. When she wants advice because you're "young and hip":

12. When she's already started planning the wedding and you don't even have a mate yet:

13. When she has important information to tell you:

14. When she wants "details" on the new person you're dating. And by details she means background check:

15. When she finds your lifestyle totally confusing:

16. When she tries to put things in perspective:

17. And when she texts you on Saturday morning: