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16 T-Shirts You Won't Believe Actually Exist

Just: Why.

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1. For the passive aggressive husband who bought this shirt instead of going to marriage counseling:

2. For those who like to broadcast that they think vaginas are a crisp, refreshing treat:

3. For the person obsessed with plastic surgery:

4. For the self-assigned do-gooder:

5. For the person with no filter:

6. For the person who thinks depression is très chic:

7. For the person with an overactive bladder:

8. For the person who loves a good double-take:

9. For the person who dares tarnish the name of the mighty Hello Kitty:

10. For the person with no regard for the concept of personal space:

11. For a really clueless guy:

12. For someone who takes irony a bit too far:

13. For the college freshman attending his first frat party:

14. For a really COOL teen:

15. For the person who clearly doesn't get any:

16. For literally the world's worst person:

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