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    15 Surprisingly Gorgeous Ways To Rock Colorful Roots

    Apparently, roots don't have to be the devils of hair dye.

    1. This midnight-to-powder blue transformation mimics natural hair growth — just with bright colors!

    2. A hint of mauve can bring dimension to platinum locks.

    3. Black roots on gray or icy blue hair can add a dramatic touch (and also ease the transition between dyes once your roots start growing out).

    4. Blending together two completely different colors can actually have the effect of looking like an artistic Rocket Pop.

    5. If you're looking for a way to jazz up your gray hair, you can try leaving a long root and covering the rest of the strand with light lavender. The combo is stunning:

    6. If you rock a bold look and have gone bright pink, one way to cover up the roots is with a feminine purple.

    7. If your style is softer, that motif is also pretty in pastel hues.

    8. Different roots don't have to be so obvious, either — two darker hues together is totally edgy.

    9. If you have virgin locks and don't want to go all-out, you could try doing a dusty color just along your part and hairline.

    10. Have naturally dark hair? Teal roots can be very sexy:

    11. Blue roots are clearly becoming a thing. You can try deep blue to platinum like this ...

    12. Or an all-over reverse ombre. Doable with any color, really.

    13. And here's another idea for a reverse ombre using a pastel vs. natural tone:

    14. If you have dyed your hair platinum and want to do something with your incoming, darker roots, you could try chalking them pink. Like this:

    15. And finally, wine-stained roots almost make you look like you're a natural redhead growing out a bleach. In other words: HOT HOT HOT.