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    16 Stylish Products For Pizza Lovers

    Smells like cheese spirit.

    1. Pizza nails! These nifty wraps create delish nail art.

    Nail Decals, $12 at Etsy.

    2. Imagonnaeatchuuu, pizza sweater.

    Sweater, $59 at Beloved.

    3. For the cool kids — Kitsuné makes this understated T-shirt.

    Kitsuné Tee, $47 at Hypebeast.

    4. This gold-plated pizza necklace is classy to the max.

    Necklace, $30 at Etsy.

    5. Is this you? It is you.

    "Pizza Slut" T-Shirt, $23 at Etsy.

    6. Eau de Delicious.

    Pizza Cologne, $6-$25 at Demeter Fragrances.

    7. Always wanted to store my most precious belongings in a slice of pizza.

    YummyPockets Pizza Purse, $5.95 at Cool Stuff Express.

    8. If you like it then you shoulda put a slice on it.

    Glenda Lopez Ring, $61 at Boticca.

    9. To add to your basics collection. Actually, just make all your basics this shirt.

    Pizza Tee, $25 at Etsy.

    10. I mean. You can wear a sleeping bag, right?

    Pizza Sleeping Bag, $200 at Etsy.

    11. Hello? Is it pizza you're looking for?

    Good Sense iPhone Case, $35 at Society6.

    12. This comes from a collection of fancy pizza-themed jewelry. It's a thick crust!

    Pizza Thick Crust Necklace, $188 by Lucy Folk.

    13. Dream status attained: PIZZA NINJA.

    Airblaster Ninja Suit, $93.46 at Dogfunk.

    14. What your parents call you.

    15. Ready to make out with you now, pizza.

    Pizza Lip Balm, $3.50 at Hip Hop Candy.

    16. iPizza for your iPad.

    Annies Pizza iPad Case, $60 at Society6.