15 Pieces Of 1960s Bridal Inspiration

Damn…weddings looked so cool and classic back then.

1. Here’s Charlie Chaplin at his daughter’s wedding in 1969!

Daily Express/Archive Photos / Getty Images

2. A 1962 bride waits for her ceremony to begin.

Michael Stroud/Express / Getty Images

3. Sporting a mini-wedding dress in 1968.

John Minihan/Evening Standard / Getty Images

4. The wedding of Countess Anne Marie Jeanne de Chauvigny de Blot (you know her, right!) in 1968.

Keystone/Hulton Archive / Getty Images

5. Most. Amazing. Hair. Ever. Elizabeth Taylor’s 1964 wedding to Richard Burton.

William Lovelace/Evening Standard / Getty Images

6. A photo from 1966 shows a bride in a long-sleeved style gown. Bring those back!

Gerti Deutsch / Getty Images

7. The beautiful Martha Boss, who was apparently a top bridal model.

Leonard Mccombe//Time Life Pictures / Getty Images

8. Another London bride in a gown that’s just too good.

Brian Seed//Time Life Pictures / Getty Images

9. 1968 newlyweds.

Lambert / Getty Images

10. 1966 was a year to be pretty in pink.

Bob Gomel / Getty Images/Time & Life Pictures Creative

11. So pretty: vintage Paris and a bride in a sweet dress.

Alfred Eisenstaedt/Time & Life Pictures / Getty Images

12. Check it out: Here’s Shirley Bassey (singer of “Goldfinger”) on her wedding day to Kenneth Hume.

Bentley Archive/Popperfoto / Getty Images

13. A 1960 dress style that’d still work today.

Cloyd Teter/Denver Post / Getty Images

14. Love everything about this bride’s sleek dress and ‘do.

Bob Jackson/Denver Post / Getty Images

15. Not quite a real wedding, but still so cool looking: Candice Bergen on set of the The Adventurers in 1963.

Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images

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