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Someone Is Selling A 1950 Sun-Maid Raisin Box For $700,000

America: Land where rich people can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a piece of old cardboard. God bless, America. God. Bless.

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Behold, a vintage Sun-Maid raisin box, up for grabs on eBay for the bargain price of $700,000.

After recounting a bit of Sun-Maid's history the eBay user really closes the sale: "It's a great original piece of American History...The Item is in, Good Condition, being as old, as it is...A small treasury for your to keep"

Rest assured, your money is going to a good place, too: "Massive oil slicks caused by the oil drilled platform explosions in the Gulf of Mexico and other places has reached the Oceans, Lakes and Our Rivers...A portion of these funds, will be going towards, helping the Birds, Dolphins, Seagulls, and other wildlife threatened by the oil spill. you can help to one of the charities that is preparing to help with the clean-up efforts by your purchase of this item Thanks"

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