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15 Smells You Always Smell At Disneyland

The happiest smells on Earth.

1. The smell of damp wood on Splash Mountain.

2. The happy, mouthwatering perfume of vanilla and waffle cones wafting outside Main Street's Candy Palace.

3. The salty, musty, and slightly chlorine-like aroma of the water of Pirates of the Caribbean.

4. And the smoky scent that comes with this curtain of fog on the ride.

5. The combo of sugar and cinnamon that hits your nose at the turn of many a corner.

6. And the tropical essence of pineapple that comes from the Dole Whip stand as you pass the Enchanted Tiki Room.

7. The cold, dusty, attic-esque smell that hangs in the air after you step off the elevator in the Haunted Mansion.

8. The mix of savory meat and sugary goodness you pick up anytime someone eating a Monte Cristo sandwich is near.

9. The welcoming odor of oil and exhaust that comes from the Disneyland Railroad.

10. The hearty scent of the juicy, all-powerful turkey leg.

11. The rich and indulgent deliciousness that is the Disneyland corn dog.

12. The confusing — but still delightful — aroma of dozens of perfumes wafting out the doorways of Mlle. Antoinette’s Parfumerie in New Orleans Square.

13. The crisp, cold, metallic tang of Space Mountain.

14. Of course, don't forget that ever-present scent of salty, buttery popcorn.

15. And finally, the smoky, burned after-smell of Disneyland's nighttime fireworks.