35 Slammin’ Holiday Gifts For ’90s Girls

Because every ’90s lady needs some mocha lipstick in her life.

1. Urban Decay Eyeshadow in “Oil Slick,” $18

Why: The packaging on this super ’90s cosmetics brand may now be whack, but they still produce a few of the original colors, including the smoldering Oil Slick.
Get it at: urbandecay.com

2. X-Girl T-Shirt, $135

Why: The iconic ’90s line helmed by Kim Gordon has had a small (but quiet and admittedly pricey) resurrection. If your ’90s girl was a fan back in the day, this is something she’ll truly covet.
Get it at: vfiles.com

3. X-Girl Keychain With Bunny Projection, $35


Why: If she’s an X-Girl fan, but you don’t want to spend a million dollars, there are smaller gift options like this keychain, which projects a light with a logo and bunny.
Get it at: vfiles.com

4. Supreme Logo Nail Decals, $3.99 (Pack of 20)

Why: Great for reformed skater girls and tomboys.
Get it at: etsy.com

5. Dr Pepper Lip Smacker Trio, $8.75

Why: This will instantly remind her of 8th grade.
Get it at: soap.com

6. “As If” Necklace, $22

Why: Um, hello. Clueless is the best movie of all time.
Get it at: Urban Outfitters

7. Lisa Frank 2014 Calendar, $14.99

Why: Because old school Lisa Frank is always a winner with ’90s girls.
Get it at: calendars.com

8. ’90s Teen Power Couple Pencil Set, $8 (Set of 8)

Why: The perfect stocking stuffer that will remind her of her love for Jordan Catalano and all the others.
Get it at: greenwichletterpress.com

9. Marc Jacobs Nail Polish in Opaque Chartreuse Yellow, $18

Why: Because A), everyone wants a piece of Marc Jacobs’ new beauty line and B), when is the last time you saw this color?
Get it at: sephora.com

10. The 1990s Coloring Book, $8.10

Why: While it’s unlikely she’d actually take the time to color in these pages filled with floppy disks, ’90s toys, and TV characters, it’s still a cute and inexpensive novelty item.
Get it at: amazon.com

11. Plaid Backpack, $49.83

Why: Because it’s so perfectly Cher Horowitz.
Get it at: asos.com

12. NPW Glitter Stick, $6

Why: Because could you imagine how cool you’d find this as a kid? It’s like body glitter and Chapstick, combined.
Get it at: Urban Outfitters

13. Philosophy’s Pure Grace Fragrance, $44

Why: If she was obsessed with GAP’s “Dream” or “Heaven” scents — which have since been discontinued — this light eau de toilette has similar notes.
Get it at: sephora.com

14. Daisy Hair Clips, $10

Why: There’s definitely a grown-up way to wear these now.
Get them at: etsy.com

15. Hologram Backpack, $80

Why: To bring a smile to reformed raver girls and club kids.
Get it at: nastygal.com

16. Daria and Jane Handpainted Christmas Ornaments, $26

Why: Because clearly these are AWESOME.
Get them at: etsy.com

17. How Sassy Changed My Life, from $5.57

Why: Sassy — never forget.
Get it at: amazon.com

18. Betsey Johnson Crystal Rhodium Choker, $48

Why: Because chokers should definitely come back.
Get it at: amazon.com

19. Clueless Virgin Mary Candle, $15

Why: Because this is now a larger metaphor for ’90s girls and a candle should be lit for it.
Get it at: etsy.com

20. ’90s-Inspired Stationery Set, $18

Why: Because people should write letters more often. And they might as well make them look as awesome as this.
Get it at: etsy.com

21. CK One Perfume, $44

Why: Always a classic.
Get it at: sephora.com

22. iHome Portable Bluetooth FM Stereo Boombox, $169.99

Why: A reminder of how much she once loved her boombox.
Get it at: target.com

23. Neon Animal Print Hair Ties, $4.50

Why: These super ’90s prints are a subtle way to channel the decade.
Get them at: claires.com

24. Vintage ’90s Caboodle, $20

Why: Everyone can always be more organized and these are super easy to find on eBay or Etsy.
Get it at: etsy.com

25. Bayside Tigers Sweatshirt, $34

Why: So she can feel pride for her faux Saved by the Bell alma mater.
Get it at: nbcuniversalstore.com

26. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Postcard Set, $6

Why: Because these are so cute and smart and someone needs to frame them.
Get it at: etsy.com

27. Mini Erasers, $3.55

Why: Memories of school days.
Get them at: sourcingmap.com

28. Marc by Marc Jacobs Zebra Slap Bracelet, $28

Why: Who woulda thunk that these would ever come back? But if Marc Jacobs is into it, then slap bracelets are definitely cool again.
Get it at: marcjacobs.com

29. Pink Hologram iPad Case, $26.70

Why: Because she probably had a wallet made out of this same material; an iPad case makes it thoroughly modern.
Get it at: asos.com

30. Twin Peaks Poster, $22

Why: Because this show was da bomb.
Get it at: etsy.com

31. ’90s-Inspired Oval Sunglasses, $32

Why: Because this is definitely going to be the next trend in sunglasses.
Get them at: topshop.com

32. POP Beauty Stain Stay Color in Mocha, $16

Why: A cooler version of the ’90s mocha craze in cosmetics.
Get it at: ulta.com

33. Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in Mocha, $20

Why: Or go classic ’90s beauty with a dark and creamy lipstick.
Get it at: beauty.com

34. Vinyl Glitter iPhone/Wallet Combo, $5.61


Why: Remember how this plastic-y glitter material was on, like, every accessory at one point in the ’90s? This is kind of a genius update.
Get it at: hottopic.com

35. Dannijo Friendship Bracelet, $80

Why: Because this is the grown-up version of the thing she used to wear every. single. day.
Get it at: dannijo.com

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