Silver Lake: Then Vs. Now

    What the Los Angeles hipster-happy neighborhood looked like in the '30s and '40s.

    1. A 1940 view of Berkeley Avenue and Silver Lake Blvd.

    2. Another 1940 view of the same location, as seen on Silver Lake Blvd., with Berkeley on the right.

    3. This 1938 view is pretty similar to today — this Schindler-designed complex still stands on Griffith Park Blvd.

    4. A 1928 shot of the Glendale-Fletcher intersection.

    5. In 1932, a view of the bridge on Silver Lake Blvd., off of Sunset.

    6. On Sunset, lookup up Micheltorena's hill.

    7. Oh my goodness! In 1945, there was an amusement park called Lucas Kiddie Land located at 2521 Riverside Drive.

    8. Looking southeast down Sunset Boulevard at Virgil in 1930.

    9. A photograph from 1932 shows a gas station at the address 2861 Sunset Blvd. Now there is Tom's Burgers, which has since closed for business.

    10. And of course, the Reservoir, 1941 vs. today.