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    16 Signs You Really Should Be Living In Paris

    You could be a natural Parisian and you don't even know it.

    1. You can survive without sunlight. And in fact, you find rain pleasant.

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    There are about 162 rainy days annually in Paris. You also only get a couple hours of sunlight during the winter.

    2. But when the sun is out, so are you.

    3. You know how to drink without getting drunk.

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    Being completely drunk is very unseemly, but if you know how to enjoy a couple bottles of wine with friends, welcome to the party.

    4. You're not one for coffee on the go. You'd prefer to just sit and have a quiet moment with your caffeine, thank you very much.

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    Although Starbucks is very present in Paris, you should never, ever admit to going there.

    5. You're a walker. It's how you get around and how you keep fit.


    As if you'd ever have a gym membership.

    6. But if need be, you can also handle a bike in traffic.

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    You'll be great on a Vélib'.

    7. You prefer al fresco dining even in winter, provided there are heat lamps.

    8. You're totally fine with PDA.

    Everyone else is doing it. NOW KISS ME YOU FOOL.

    9. Carbs don't scare you.

    10. You're a cynic. (You'll fit in naturally with the Parisians.)

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    Everything is horrible. Let's talk about how horrible everything is.

    11. You're a bookworm, and one of your favorite activities is finding a spot to sit and read for a couple hours.

    12. You actually enjoy grocery shopping.

    13. You're comfortable around people and good at making friends.

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    You kind of have to force your way in to French friend circles, so you really can't be timid when it comes to putting yourself out there.

    14. But you're also good at being alone.

    15. You're not *TOO* American.

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    As in, you don't embody any bad American stereotypes and you show interest and passion for other cultures. Bonus points if you're from New York, and even better: BROOKLYN.

    16. And you could give a shit about this.

    You go to the Eiffel Tower once. And then you never go back. If you live in Paris, it is the LEAST important thing about the city.

    So, sound good? Allons-y!

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