27 Signs You Live In Silver Lake

Smells like skunks again. Just another day in this eastside L.A. hood.

1. Your Instagram feed is filled with pictures of this.

It’s really pretty here.

2. Skunk stench is just a fact of life.

(Although sometimes you have to play the game “Weed or Skunk?”)

3. This parking lot is the bane of your existence.

And yes, you do know about the overflow lot and yes you do know you should just park at the Gelson’s across the street…but you’re somehow suckered way too often.

4. You or someone you know has been snapped on a local streetstyle blog.

5. You know where this is. (Too easy.)

6. Less shocking to you than the line out the door at Intelligentsia is when there is NO line there.

7. You have lost your mind — no, seriously, LOST YOUR MIND — waiting for the light at the Hyperion/Fountain intersection.

What is it with this light in the mornings?

8. There’s a distinct possibility that the 4100 bar will close due to a housing development. You are praying that this never happens.

Sorry if this is news to you. And if you’ve never been to 4100, now’s the time to go!

9. This is your workout.

10. Or you go to Sweaty Sundays.

Sweaty Sundays is a super-fun, all-levels dance class held at The Sweat Spot.

11. If you are a girl, you are obsessed (OBSESSED) with local designer Clare Vivier’s amazing handbags.

Seriously, Silver Lake (and L.A. ladies in general) completely heart Clare Vivier.

12. You know all these sneaky stairways.

And if you don’t, there’s this book to get you up to speed.

13. It’s always “The Junction,” and hardly ever “Sunset Junction.”

This may be basic, but it’s the little details.

14. The upstairs at L&E is your spot.

The guys who run L&E are the best.

15. You’ve seen the Elliott Smith wall graffiti-covered, painted over, and covered in graffiti multiple times over.

16. You almost always run into someone you know at LAMILL.

You’ve had the warm brioche donuts, right? So good.

17. Yes, you are indeed aware that the band Silversun Pickups is named after Silversun Liquor on Sunset.

18. Experience has taught you to come to a full stop at all the stop signs along Griffith Park Boulevard — you’ve seen those sneaky cops hiding out, just waiting for someone to miss one.

19. You have a back route through the hills that you know like the back of your hand.

You’re also pretty good at navigating those teeny, windy streets.

20. If you’ve lived in Silver Lake for a while, you still call this place Spaceland, not The Satellite.

Free shows every Monday. But you knew that already.

21. Stuff like this shows up all the time.

Remember those weird teddy bears hung over telephone wires last year?

22. You’ve never once been steered wrong by the guys at Silverlake Wine.

Also, you’ve been to Blue Mondays at Silverlake Wine at least once. Good times.

23. You have a family of coyotes that sometimes hangs on your front lawn.

24. You’ve had a birthday party at the Red Lion Tavern.

Come for the breezy upstairs patio, stay because you drank too many beers from boot glasses.

25. You hit up the Silver Lake Meadow at least once a week — for kid birthday parties, outdoor reading, free yoga, and general chilling out time.

26. This movie — which takes place largely around Silver Lake — is nothing like your life.

27. It’s quite possible that this is the view out your window. And that’s something you never, ever get tired of.


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