28 Signs You Have Not Changed Since Middle School

    Welcome to 30 going on 13.

    1. You still carry a Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker with you at all times.

    2. This statement you wrote in your diary in the '90s remains true — in your opinion, at least.

    3. You love staying in with a pile of magazines just as much as you did at 13 years old...

    But you've made the delicious addition of copious amounts of wine.

    4. You're still buying your bras at Victoria's Secret.

    5. You can totally still remember the moves to the dance you and your friends choreographed.

    6. You make this face.

    7. You are obsessed with photos of you and your friends. Except instead of hoarding Polaroids, they're all on Instagram.

    8. You wear your school team shirt (or sweatpants) to bed every night.

    9. You and your friends are still constantly wearing each others' clothes.

    10. You have one of these a day for your mid-morning snack.

    11. Years later, you are STILL making this idiotic mistake of rolling your hair up all the way in a round brush...and getting it completely stuck there.

    12. Your signature scent hasn't changed.

    13. You're still telling people to "talk to the hand."

    14. Music that you listened to in your young teenage years remains in your regular rotation.

    15. Urban Decay has always been your favorite high-end makeup brand.

    16. You spend hours a day gossiping over IM.

    17. Bonus points if you're still using the screename you invented in eighth grade for your online banking/bill pay/social media accounts.

    18. You are still sending awkward notes to boys... just via a different medium.

    19. You never use the proper words for male genitalia.

    20. Picking off all your nail polish during a boring meeting gives you feelings of immense joy.

    21. You still hate these girls.

    22. You've never stopped wearing days-of-the-week underwear which is totally NOT IMMATURE because Stella McCartney makes these very expensive and grown-up panties.

    23. You're still hanging on to some Hello Kitty paper/stickers/notebooks/etc because they were too precious to use back in the day.

    24. Your sixth grade logic has stuck with you.

    25. You are wearing a tankini.

    26. You hair has smelled like Herbal Essences since 1999.

    27. You have extremely strong feelings on the Dawson vs. Pacey debate.

    28. People think you're in middle school.