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16 Siblings Who Had The Last Laugh

Brothers and sisters were basically born to prank each other.

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1. These sisters, who transformed toys into a torture chamber:

2. The brother who tricked his sister into getting all cozy, only to lead her straight into her own trap:

3. This tech-savvy sibling who decided to deliver a message in a completely novel way:

4. Then there was the sibling who thought it'd be so funny to save this artifact from his sister's wedding day:

5. The sister who finally found a gift for her brother that communicated exactly how she felt:

6. This little brother, who isn't taking his big sister's shit:

7. The little sister who decided to make her sibling the focus of her art project...then used said art to reveal reality:

8. This older brother, who is just taking advantage of the situation:

9. This sister, who managed to rat out her brother to their dad over Snapchat:

10. This sister, who just wanted her brother to open his imagination to the possibilities...

11. This sister, who is silently congratulating herself for convincing her younger sis to willingly get into a cage:

12. This sister, who, once she started dating her brother's friend, decided to really let him know the gross details:

13. This little brother, who just made his big bro realize he was in for it:

14. This little brother who was just pointing out the obvious to his sister:

15. This sister, who went halfway with a thoughtful gift, then decided her brother wasn't worth it:

16. And this little brother, who just wanted to constantly remind his sibling of his glorious presence:

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