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26 Ridiculously Sweet Valentine's Day Nail Art Designs

Get nailed this V-Day. (Sorry.)

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1. This colorful French mani offers just the teeniest, tiniest bit of festivity.

5. Love the homemade look of these Valentine's nails — they look just like classic sendables!

11. Take it back to high school and try out a look like this with a thin-tipped marker.

12. These reverse hearts are easy enough to manage.

If you can't freehand them, you can try the hole punch sticker trick — see #6 — you might have to reposition and maneuver them a bit.


14. Another take on the heartbeat design, with some added flair.

15. Aww! It apparently is possible for a manicure to say, "I can't live without you."

17. Definitely an option for girly-girls.

19. Nice: A different V-Day-esque theme for every nail.

23. If nail art intimidates you, you can always opt for a coat of classic red. As for that tiny heart, you could even try drawing it in with a metallic calligraphy pen after your nails dry.

25. Another way to do something unique: Create words in an unexpected font.