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    20 Ridiculously Cute Cat Mouths

    The mouth is the best part!

    1. Squeeeeee! Don't you just love the little mouth on your feline friend?

    2. And the perfect shape it makes?

    3. Sometimes, it's really the mouth + nose combo that does it.

    4. Like, look at this little mouth that basically matches that little nose.

    5. A cat's mouth can totally define his character. Like this artsy guy.

    6. And this cat. A patient one.

    7. UGGhhghhHGGhGGGGGG the mouths when they're sleeping.....sooooooo cute.

    8. Further proof of sleeping-mouth-cuteness.

    9. But waking-up-mouth is also adoooorable.

    10. Wasssssaaaahhhhhh.

    11. The wee teeth be killing me!

    12. Bottom teeth are good, too.

    13. Are these fangs supposed to be menacing? Because: Aww.

    14. Gah. Miniscule tongue.

    15. Smooch smile face.

    16. Oh my gawww look at that wee tongue.

    17. And this one!

    18. Noice.

    19. Catula!

    20. Stahhhhp it, you're killing me.

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