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    19 Relics From The '90s Hologram Epidemic

    These ancient artifacts shed light on our unfortunate past.

    1. Way back in the early '90s, holograms began to attach themselves to fashions everywhere.

    2. A glittery cropped top such as this might have been worn to a "rave."

    3. Holographic sneakers were also common at "raves," combining style with comfort for participants of this bygone dance ritual.

    4. Contrary to popular belief, the magic eye hologram pendant did not hold any magical powers. Although it did have a tendency to hypnotize the easily-entertained.

    5. Motifs such as flowers and butterflies were popular compliments to hologram materials.

    6. These hologram Dr Martens suggest that certain elements of punk subculture were adopted by rave sects.

    7. Although symbols of peace often embellished holographic accessories, they were not necessarily reflective of their era, but were instead throwbacks to the "trippy" '70s.

    8. For reasons still unclear today, purses displaying holographic surfaces usually did not exceed the miniature size.

    9. In the '90s, Americans borrowed the yin-yang, an ancient Chinese symbol of duality, so that young girls could buy friendship necklaces at Claire's or have funky shoes to wear to the dance.

    10. Lisa Frank, who would later become known as the prophet of cuteness, often employed holographic elements in her designs. Elders say it was perhaps a hypnotic tactic, helpful in the brainwashing of young girls.

    11. Happy faces of the holographic nature were meant to convey a type of glossy jubilation.

    12. A shiny short-sleeved style, presumably unisex.

    13. Candie's, a prominent footwear brand of the era, sought to keep their customer happy with hologram sneakers for girls and women.

    14. Later in the '90s, a hybridization would occur, in which surfer board shorts shed their Hawaiian motifs and adapted to their holographic surroundings.

    15. A shiny top such as this was appropriate for use in discotheques and dance halls, however many people also chose to wear these in their places of education.

    16. An open-toed sandal with holographic daisies might have been accompanied by silver or blue nail polish.

    17. A rarer artifact, the holographic miniskirt, was beloved by the youth of the 1990s, yet despised by their parents.

    18. Some '90s females believed that tight, holographic tops would create the illusion of larger breasts. Results varied.

    19. Mudd, a popular brand whose allure came from the unconventional spelling of the word "mud," contributed to the epidemic. Shoes such as these proved irresistible.

    The hologram epidemic would eclipse much of the late '90s. Some lived to tell the tale. Others...still lived, yet denied any hologram ever happened.

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