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    16 Relationship Tips From Animals

    Furry love=great love.

    1. It's OK to be homebodies — cuddling on the couch a couple times a week is great for a relationship.

    2. It's always the right moment for an impromptu slow dance.

    3. PDA. Go for it. Don't hide your affection!

    4. Your partner will always love it when you take a minute just to admire their beauty.

    5. One of you will probably hate taking pictures, while the other will always want one. Indulge them — you're creating memories.

    6. You've got to have similar interests or things you love doing together, otherwise it isn't going to work out.

    7. Relationships aren't all romance. You will get WAYYY involved in each others' business and you can't be grossed out. You just have to go with it.

    8. But for the love of god, never leave the bathroom door open.

    9. Little acts of spontaneous kindness will keep your partner happy. Flowers now and then are lovely.

    10. And a massage after a hard day should be a given.

    11. A gentleman will always offer to drive.

    12. The simple act of holding someone's hand makes them feel wanted and connected to you. Do this a lot.

    13. Hugs are also very important.

    14. And learning to sense when your partner needs a hug should be a top priority.

    15. Of course sometimes, you'll go through ruts and lulls. Sometimes the best thing to do is just dive back in in a fit of passion.

    16. Because everyone deserves love. Cherish your partner and always show them that you care.