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12 Reasons Why We Should All Be Wearing 1960s Bathing Suits

Down with the skimpy bikini!

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1. Because you can wear a bathing suit and make it seem like you're just wearing a romper or shorts.

2. Because matching.

3. Because...I'm sorry but look at the beautiful lines these suits make on these ladies.

4. Because you could wear a swimsuit that looks like a little dress.

5. Because now those bangs you got on a whim look so awesome.

6. Because you can choose to never show your belly button again to the world.

7. Because these patterns just rock.

Keystone/Getty Images

8. Because even a sexy '60s bikini will provide you with some extra coverage.

Keystone/Getty Images

9. Because a) gingham and b) you look so good eating ice cream in these suits.

Three Lions/Getty Images

10. Because what is so goddamn wrong with wearing a one-piece?

11. Seriously, they look really good.

12. And either way: Because who wouldn't want to look like Megan Draper on the beach?

Courtesy AMC TV

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