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The 30 Most WTF Things About "The First Wives Club"

These chicks basically start a business for divorcée revenge.

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You remember The First Wives Club, the 1996 film starring Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn, and Diane Keaton?

The story begins with four college friends...20 years later, three of them are united by the fourth's suicide. They have lost touch. They are sad. Their relationships are all in complete ruins. It's the '90s.

Let us examine the extreme weirdness of this film...

5. To get back at her ex, Diane Keaton decides that she needs her lesbian daughter on board. So she stalks her at the lesbian bar. Embarrassing! Also, who tells their mom what bar they're going to?

9. They get into Morty's (Bette's ex) apartment by tricking his bimbo girlfriend into hiring this decorator. Bette Midler is his employee. How is Morty not putting this together?

20. Bette Midler finds some SUPER incriminating dirt on Morty. Doesn't this put you in a horrible position? What about your kid? How do you even deal? The Feds come to get him...

22. Bette agrees to keep Morty's secret in exchange for running his business. Making her a co-conspirator for having knowledge of his criminal activity. Their kid is so screwed.

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